If you are looking for a team of reliable professionals
who will help to achieve your business goals, we can help you.
We have an in-house team of backend/frontend/full-stack Magento 1&2 developers,
project managers, QA, and UI/UX experts.

Magento Development & Support

Build your Magento store with a powerful team of Magento Certified developers and solution specialists. We can develop customized solutions to accept any challenges in your business. Transparency, quality, and accuracy of deadlines are the distinctive indicators of our work.

Magento Migration

Is your existing store built in Magento 1? We are ready to implement a transition to the latest version, save the full functionality of the platform and add custom functions according to your requirements.

Magento Extensions Development

Our Magento 2 extensions compatible with the latest platform versions will improve your site and meet business needs. For any additional functions, you can always request customization.

UI/UX Audit and Qualitative Research

Our designers will create mockups, which cover the best usability practices. We can also perform different types of research to improve the customer experience of your site. You’ll be provided with a list of recommendations that you can implement with your team. We can test your current site on real clients and give pieces of advice. It's a useful feature because sometimes site owners overlook certain weaknesses and consider them obvious and simple for end-users to understand. Our specialists can also help you with A/B testing different hypotheses. We can implement two comparing features, set A/B test and as a result, provide you with a report including collected metrics and a final conclusion of which of the options was best.

Speed Optimization

Do you have issues with the performance of your site? We can help you. Our specialists have a lot of experience in this field. We use Google Page Speed as a tool for performance measurement because it's one of the most popular types of software for checking how well-optimized your site is. As a result of our work, we will send you a table of figures, relating to your site before and after optimization. You will be able to feel the speed improvement.